Mountain Bike Size Chart


Easily the most important aspect of selecting a new bike is achieving the right fit. Forget the inís and outís of titanium vs. steel vs. aluminum, ignore the road tests and race wins. One thing matters more than anything else when you select your new bikeóthat it fits you! That is why the Mountain Bike Size Chart is so important.


Bikes come in all sizes and styles, same as people do. Your bike must fit you, not you trying to fit it. You can find your best bike size and positions in two ways including pleasure cyclist's new bike, or an experienced cyclist's custom bike.


For a new bicycle, you begin fitting with stand over height and length, the comfortable space between the top of bike, your pedals and handlebars. Next you estimate your seat height and how much to setback your seat over the pedals. Finally, you measure hand-arms-shoulder reach, by length and width, in your typical riding positions.



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